Non-Financial Highlights

Diversity Workforce

We build not only buildings and infrastructure but also a system in our organization that attributes financial and non-financial business drivers, so that our achievement and value will be paid from our talents, experience, leadership and care of our people.

  • Male Employee

  • Female Employee

  • Contract Based Employee

  • 69% : Male Employee
  • 31% : Female Employee
  • 20% : Contract Based Employee

Opportunity for continuous advancement

Along with exciting changes in VUCA world, opportunities and challenges are created and got through by our relentless and arduous people. We learn, we share, we spare and we dare for our advancement consistently and continuously, that carve out our reputation and position for our organization. The advancement that we pursue wonderfully expands our horizon, brighten our sky and makes a difference.

Zero Accidents

Our value based on safe working environment brings excellence health and safety standards to our employees and organization. It ensure and enhance our health and safety climate. Our goal of “Zero occupational injury” and our aim of “Maintaining accident-free record” are the sole contribution to our industrial society and community.

Employee Engagement

We set the right workplace approach to gain our employees’ focused feeling and intensely involvement at work. The true reflection of engagement favors the right conditions for all members of our organization to give of their best each day. Always carving out career paths to provide opportunities for our growth and development. We value recognition, inclusion and appreciation are the core factors not only for employee engagement but also for transparency within all stakeholders. We solicit the feedbacks and take self-accountability for better management and performance.